The leading characters are two siblings named Annie, 6, and Manny, 4, who are curious to explore their surroundings as all children in this age group are. They are energetic and vigorous, yet highly capable of learning simple rules. Annie and Manny, who might be accompanied by their friends including Turtee, Hoggie and Mushi and their families, face challenging situations. For problem solving, they benefit from the suggestions or pieces of advice provided by the narrator or their parents. Teaching personal and social skills are pivotal and the topics consist of shyness, Nyctophobia, selfishness, self-confidence, and teamwork. To children, family is at the heart of their world. Thus, the emphasis is placed on the role of immediate family primarily and secondarily, the extended one.


In Body Land, all white and red blood cells, platelets, different useful bacteria and other cells live happily together. In this city, white cells are in charge of maintaining the security of Body Land against invading microbes, bacteria, fungi and viruses led by Rhino. Gooli, a white blood cell boy of 8 years of age, his 6-year-old sister, Lala, and their cute pet, Titi turn to superheroes as they eat the magical fruit of the life tree. They can help white blood cells prevent nasty germs.


Binga Poonga aims to look at what people do critically and tries to educate different family members to mind their attitude toward social institutions in a humorous way. This series narrates primitive people’s lifestyle, which is similar to what we may do today.


Northern Light Studio with an experienced team of over 1300 minutes of animation production since its foundation in early 2019, produces diverse entertainment across multiple destinations including TV series, digital and feature-length films for international markets. It specializes in developing and producing both 2D, 3D and CGI animations for kids and families.